We use 2 layers of digital fingerprinting to exclude fraudulent activity and duplicates in surveys. Our security measures include proprietary algorithms to 3rd party quality parameters check which include Distil Networks bot detection technology and digital fingerprinting with the help of BigID.

We are able to detect fraudulent activity before it happens and hence block and blacklist the fraudulent respondents. Once detected they do not get a chance to get into the survey.

Panel Recruitment Level Checks

  • Double opt-in check
  • Proxy IP check
  • Geo-IP check
  • Captcha validation
  • Profiling questions
  • Digital Finger printing – BigID
  • Distil networks bot detection check

Survey Level Checks


  • Captcha and Geo-IP check
  • Digital Finger printing – BigID
  • Proxy IP Check
  • Distil network bot detection check
  • Respondents can click on the survey link only once
  • Limiting the frequency of taking surveys
  • Addition of red herring checks in surveys

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